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Bed & Breakfast

Alpine Charme in the heart of the Dolomites

Are you dreaming of a tiny and romantic chalet with alpine atmosphere? Would you love to meet like-minded people, enjoy peace and mindfulness, and maybe even loneliness?
Find your cosy nest in the Mountain Chalet Pra Ronch, surrounded by untouched and incredible nature and nestled in a magic mountain world. Turnes toward the sun, protected by the majestic Saslonch, surrounded by fragrant and colorful meadows, peaceful paths, mystic woods... the chalet is located in this peculiar paradise on earth, where heaven and mountain touch.


true mountain spirit

See, understand, be amazed. Take your beloved by the hand and re-discover the authentic way of making holiday. Let true and genuine feelings embrace you: a smile, a token, pure happiness, which last longer than only a heart beat.


a magic place

Gaze around and be inspired: a blossoming meadow, where you can walk barefoot, a small herb and vegetable garden, peace and the unique light of our mountains. The pure air has such a regenerating power. Also your kids will love to play amid a flower carpet and have fun on the swing or the hammock.



Tradition will empower the future

once the chalet was the retreat place of the extended family - it still maintained the former charm
the precious artwork, which can be admired in the Chalet Pra Ronch, are evidences of the artistic soul of the ancestors
traditional values and modern thoughts live together in harmony in the chalet
the name "Pra Ronch" comes from the Latin "roncare" which means "to fell something". In fact, once there was a forest, which was then transformed in order to be able to cultivate potatoes.
Pra Ronch today: elegant Mountain Chalet with cosy and lovable rooms, and genuine breakfast
the host Erika Rabanser puts so much love in everything she does for the guests and the home - you will love the details
the house and the 5 rooms still maintain so much from her childhood
the rooms with breakfast can also be booked all together for a holiday for your whole family