Sweet dreams

Time for cuddling and spoiling

Wood scent and candlelight. Here, in the cosy rooms in the Mountain Chalet Pra Ronch in Val Gardena, I can close my eyes, let myself go and relax. Thoughts disappear in this paradise of tranquillity. Bright wood, warm sheep's wool and fine linen create an adorable atmosphere, which enforce my wellbeing in a natural way. This is my place for infinite dreams...till the first sun rays let a new day begin.

Dolasilla 1

sweet dreams ...

The handcrafted furniture, the living area, the linen curtains and the lovely details... it feels so homey in this bright room, so welcoming and discreet...

Dolasilla 2

feels like floating on clouds

Enjoy nature at its best: indoor and outdoor. The room is the embodiment of harmony and pure pleasure. Feel overwhelmed by the beauty of the landscape and the Saslonch, which can be admired by the two balconies.


close to the sky full of stars

It feels so heavenly amid the fluffy blankets pillows of the romantic canopy bed... here you get an idea of what eternity really means.


Pure romance

Romantic as the first snowflakes: adorable and charming. Harmony and peace feel this room... which is meant for relaxing hours and romantic emotions.


under a starry sky

Admiring a sky full of shining stars is definitely a gripping thrill... it become even more emotional, if afterwards you can cuddle yourself in a cosy bed.

„ Everything about this chalet in the sky was spectacular!
And the views – from the one evening we could see anything. Truly enchanting! “