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The Dolomites

Leisure and sports, beauty and fascination

It is comprehensible that the architect Le Corbusier named the Dolomites „the most beautiful natural architecture in the world”.
A splendor that touches the heart... especially at sunset, when the peaks of the Pale Mountains, enlighten by the last sun rays, take on a pink blush - as if they know about their enchanting majesty.
This monumental and breathtaking natural wonder is at the same time a paradise for skiers as well as for hikers, climbers and mountain bikers.


Summer time

Hiking holiday in the Chalet Pra Ronch, where individuality still counts

The Mountain Chalet Pra Ronch in Selva Gardena is as unique as a mountain crystal. Nature lovers and individualists appreciate it due to the quite location and the ideal starting point for trekking, hiking and climbing tours, for mountain bike routes, as well as for pleasant walks.
Close to the chalet there is also a riding school and for fishers a trout pond. To find the perfect hiking tour, which fits to your personal preferences, we will be glad to provide you with precious information.


find your way

"It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves." (Sir Edmund Hillary, researcher and mountaineer) Hiking with delight, moving amid the Dolomite nature: these activities fill the heart of every nature lover. It is even better, if your next hiking adventure will depart directly from the Mountain Chalet Pra Ronch...

Mountain biking

amid overwhelming natural landscapes

Holiday in Val Gardena in the Mountain Chalet Pra Ronch stands for exquisite variety: relax, delight, sports. Mountain bikers have the chance to discover the Dolomite views from a super thrilling and exciting perspective... every season new bike trails are opened in order to ensure you endless fun during your bike vacation. Choose to ride together with local bike guides, who will be glad to show you the natural hot spots.


on the most stunning peaks in the world

"Not the highest, but definitely the most beautiful mountains", this is how Reinhold Messner describes the Dolomites. The steep walls, the ruptured glaciers, the lonely peaks and the breathtaking views on top: all this provides to the Pale Mountains their incomparable beauty, which you will never forget.


Every Tuesday you have the possibility to take part to guided hiking tours to discover the amazing Dolomites (included in the room price). Don't miss it...

Moreover, on you can personalize you hike and bike program.